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Credit Union Services, LLC does not endorse any one manufacturer, make or model of automobile. The purchase of an automobile is a personal choice and the material provided on our web site is submitted for informational purposes for your review and consideration.

As a matter of policy, all information submitted by members of credit unions is regarded as confidential. This information is intended for use by your credit union and Credit Union Services, LLC and is never disclosed to employees of automobile dealerships or any other individuals/organizations without your authorization.

Black Book is provided as a basis for individuals to review pricing on new vehicles both invoice and retail. Black Book used vehicle pricing is based on averages of many same-type vehicles from auctions nationwide and does not necessarily reflect the price of your vehicle.

AutoCheck is responsible for the information provided through their service. Utilizing their service is confidential and your name, address, phone or credit card information will not be used for any purpose other than obtaining the vehicle history report you requested. Please note that the VIN Search link to AutoCheck is optional and may not be available on your credit union site.

Credit Union Services, LLC is not responsible for errors that can appear on this site due to typographical, electronic or human error. Omissions and/or deletions are not intended but can occur. Credit Union Services, LLC collects information from several sources and delays in updating are possible. You are encouraged to consult with a professional when making a decision involving a financial investment of a large magnitude.


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