Program Cars


Program cars can be a combination of automobiles that previously served as rental vehicles (generally from the major rental car companies), a dealer demonstrator, a fleet vehicle, an off-lease or a manufacturer car driven by an executive.

With a rental car or fleet vehicle there should be maintenance records available. Ask to see these records particularly if the claim is made by the selling dealer of detailed maintenance and how often the vehicles were serviced. If the records can't be produced, think about looking elsewhere.

If you find the program vehicle that seems right for you, it is necessary to look at the selling price plus any existing manufacturer warranty (if any). Without manufacturer warranty (which is included in the selling price) you should compare the price of the vehicle plus an extended service contract which you do pay for. If the price is now higher than a certified vehicle, it is our opinion that consideration be given to the certified vehicle.

Currently, program cars are lower in value than certified vehicles and reasonably so when reviewing the inspection process and remaining factory warranty with certified autos.

When all is said and done and you have completed your research it is now decision time. The decision is based on how you feel and if you read our Buying Tips page, you should "feel good" about your choice.

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